Important Notice to International Travelers

Changes in PCR Testing Requirement.

Posted on 14 February 2021

Children under 12 years of age, visiting Sri Lanka under the tourism route will be exempted from PCR testing from 2nd February 2021. However if the child indicated symptomatic or identified as a first contact of a known patient, they will be required to undergo a PCR test.

The number of the mandatory PCR test will change as follows from 2nd February 2021.

  • On arrival PCR testing is mandatory

  • If a traveler stays for 4 nights/ 5 days or less, other than the on arrival PCR test no other PCR testing required(1 PCR test)

  • If the stay is more than 4 nights/5 days yet less than 13 nights /14 days, other than the on arrival PCR test they go through a 5-7 day PCR test. (2 PCR tests)

  • If the stay is 13 nights/14 days or more, a 3rd PCR test will be conducted on 10-14 day. (3 PCR Tests)

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