About us

Sanota Walkers  & Enterprises is registered on 26/10/2006 under the ordinance (chapter 149) incorporated by business name statute No 4 of 1990.

The above mentioned business together with the assets and liabilities converted into a limited liability company Lanka Tour Host (Pvt) Ltd, registered under the company low act no: 7 of 2007 registered on 15/10/2020.

Since 1980 Business experiences from Lanalie Tours & Transport Service as a tours, travels and transport business. 



"7 GREAT REASONS to Travel with Lanka Tour Host"
"7 GREAT REASONS to Travel with Lanka Tour Host"

1. Tour planning is done in Sri Lanka.
Your tour planning is done direct with our people based in Sri Lanka. Who better to organize your trip and show you around than the locals.
Get the best from your trip, whether it is expert local tips, insight to local culture and customs or necessary contacts that can only come from people who live in this country!

2. Experience - Loads of it!
Travel confidently, knowing that people facilitating your tour are veterans in the world of specialty travel in Sri Lanka.


3. Private tours
We operate our adventures privately. We design custom private trips for individuals, couples, families, honeymooners, friends & small groups. You can be assured that no outsiders will join your private Sri Lankan tour.


4. We do not offer set departure tours.
Lanka Tour Host is a unique company in that we do not offer set departure tours. We design each adventure vacation according the needs and interests of each group that contacts us.


5. What you see is what you get!
Land days - not air days. We don't inflate the trip length by including your flying time. This deceptive practice is becoming common in the travel industry. Beware!
We organize only ground arrangements. So you know you get the 'most value' for your tour.


6. Freedom to choose the airline and routing of your choice.
We don't rope you into group flights or 'no frills' flights. In fact we do not sell air tickets! It's your choice - use your air points rewards program, fly business class, take the best-value budget airline, stopover en-route, come in a few days early, or extend your stay.
Choice - you deserve it.


7. Avoid the usual tourist areas.
We try as much as possible to keep away from the more popular places visited by group tourists. We want you to visit a place instead of invading it. 
In a private tour, you will have the flexibility to stop at a place that may interest you and allow more interaction with the locals.

"Another 7 GREAT REASONS to travel with Lanka Tour Host"
"Another 7 GREAT REASONS to travel with Lanka Tour Host"

1. Genuine travel experiences.
With Lanka Tour Host, your travel experience is the 'real thing' as we take you off the beaten path on carefully crafted itineraries that are unique and thoughtfully planned.
We do not support conveyor-belt tourism where groups are pushed through a rigid itinerary at the expense of spontaneity. Instead, we bring you a genuine one-of-a kind travel experience.

2. We are independent, and proud of it!
By being 'independent' we are free to recommend and organize you a trip which is best suited to your requirements without any constraints.


3. Our people, our greatest asset.
Our greatest asset is our people. We have with us a carefully selected team. Dedication, organization, experience and a caring attitude toward our travelers and the communities we visit are at the heart of our company. 
We know that you are entrusting your travel dreams to us, and we take this responsibility very seriously.


4. Responsible travel through sustainable tourism.
As guests, it's considered a privilege to visit the places of historical interest, villages, homes and places of worship.
As responsible people, we want to have sustainable tourism so others can also visit and enjoy the same experience as you.


5. Comfortable, memorable accommodations.
We select hotels based on comfort, location, and charm. We try to avoid hotels that are advertised in each and every brochure, sold by your average travel agent. Places we use are mostly independently managed and owned.
We have good strong friendly relations with most of the owner/ managers of these places. We get a lot done, by a simple phone call.


6. Exotic and varied destination.
You will simply be amazed at the sheer variety of sights, profusion of color, enchanting sounds and exotic tastes of this truly fascinating island.
Through our itineraries, we attempt to introduce you to the diverse and exotic destination that is Sri Lanka.


7. Great Value.
We do not advertise low prices simply to get your business and then demand additional payment midway through your tour. Do not get caught to this subterfuge, do your research. 
Our many repeat travelers and the high marks we score on our comment forms tell us that we consistently deliver high caliber programs at an affordable price. You will find our programs sophisticated, eventful, stimulating and great value for the money.

Our Proud History 
1980 Lenalie Tours

Mr Ananda Mahasinghe Started Lenalie Tours & Transport Service since 1983 provide Staff Transportation in Air Lanka Catering Service.

1990 Lenalie Tours

1990 - 1996 Lenalie Tours & Transport Service 


1997 - 2004 Lenalie Tours & Transport Service 

2006 Sanota Walkers

Sanota Walkers & Enterprises started catering the market with Lorries and tipper Transportation. Sanota Walkers maintains a good track record of delivering a satisfactory service level in the industry. 


In 2010 Sanota Walkers expanded as Luxury Tours, Budget Tours & Day Tours. Its services also to tourist industry (for Budget & Luxury  requirements) & presently Sanota Walkers boast a fleet of 20 various kinds of vehicles.


Our Goal is to become one of the best transportation companies in Sri Lanka while providing a tailor made solution to full fill any type of transport requirement of our client.


Our fleet is available for your employment in mint condition with top notch facilities with or without our professional guide drivers.